Faculty Advisor, IEEE SIGHT Chapter IIIT Allahabad
Email: javed@iiita.ac.in
Tel: +91-532-2922194

Faculty Mentor, IEEE SIGHT Chapter IIIT Allahabad
Email: atiwari@iiita.ac.in
Tel: +91 532-2922244

Faculty Mentor, IEEE SIGHT Chapter IIIT Allahabad
Email: bibhas.ghoshal@iiita.ac.in
Tel: +91-0532-2922690

Office Bearers for Session (2019-20)

Role : Chairperson
GSMIEEE: 92905735
Email: pis2015001@iiita.ac.in, Mob No: (+91)9580090413
PhD Research Scholar
Role :Vice Chair
StMIEEE: 94520977
Email: sarthak388@gmail.com, Mob No: (+91)9455776469
Mba-Phd Student
Role : Vice Chair
StMIEEE: 94739688
Email: pis2016004@iiita.ac.in, Mob No: (+91)7839942679
M.Tech-P.hd Student
Role : Secretary
StMIEEE: 96694421
Email: rss2019003@iiita.ac.in,: Mob No: +91-9559649244
Research Scholar
Role : Joint Secretary
StMIEEE: 94224919
Email: iec2016052@iiita.ac.in, Mob No: (+91)8957065531
B.Tech Student
Role : Chair (Membership and Events)
StMIEEE: 94224005
Email: pbi2015001@iiita.ac.in,
M.tech-Phd Applied Science
Role : Chairperson, Industry Interface Committee
StMIEEE: 96692568
Email: rss2019004@iiita.ac.in, Mob No: (+91)8737070086
P.hD Research Scholar

Role : Chair(Publication)
StMIEEE: 94190354
Email: iit2016016@iiita.ac.in, Mob No: (+91)9559154883
B.Tech IT
Role : Chair, Web Management and Graphic Design
StMIEEE: 94063256
Email: ism2016004@iiita.ac.in, Mob No: (+91) 8439357480
B.Tech Student